The Altona Forest Trail System

There are seven entrances to Altona Forest's trails:
  1. Strouds Lane - on Strouds Lane just west of St. Elizabeth Seton School
  2. St. Elizabeth Seton - from soccer field at St. Elizabeth Seton School
  3. Summer Park - through the Summerpark Crescent park off Rosebank
  4. Chickadee - through walkway from Chickadee Road off Altona Road
  5. Hydro Corridor - on the north side of the forest along the hydro corridor pathway
  6. Altona Forest Parking & Trail Head - parking access from Altona Road where you will find a trail kiosk and picnic benches. The trail commences from the east side of the parking lot.
  7. Altona Forest South - the south lands of Altona Forest can be accessed through the undeveloped Autumn Crescent Parkette opposite Foxwood Trail
We have guides to help you explore Altona Forest and the trails!

The Section One Guide will take you through the trails while referencing posts which will be found along the way.

The Section Two Guide provides more details about the plants, animals, weeds, wildflowers and trees which are referenced in the short explanations in the Section One guide.

Watch for Poison Ivy in the forest. To learn more about Poison Ivy refer to the following document.