Get Involved!
Whether you are a hiker, dog-walker, part of a school group, or a community organization, your involvement will make a big difference in Altona Forest!

We invite you to come out and become a member of the Altona Forest Stewardship Committee! There are often individual and group projects available for committee members and friends of the forest. Please contact the AFSC members to inquire - Some ideas may be:

Trail Monitoring
For anyone who uses the trails, please monitor the trails and report any vandalism, dangers on the trail (such as a fallen tree) or forest misuse to either TRCA who manages the forest or to the Stewardship volunteers who will pass it on to the right people.

If you are a group of friends, a family, or a regular hiker in Altona Forest, consider adopting a section of trail! We need your keen eyes and attention to detail to keep one section of trail clear of garbage, straightening the trail side markers if necessary, and note any damage or problem with the trail. Adopt-a-trail volunteers should visit the trail every month year round.

Annual Clean-Ups
Volunteers are needed to assist in the clean up of Altona Forest. This involves a half-day in spring or fall to help maintain the forest and make it better for everyone to use. Visit the Facebook page for dates and times.

Adopt a Project
Service groups and volunteer clubs are needed for some projects that are suited to a longer term or wider scope - for example picking one area with an invasive species and clearing it a couple of times a year for a few years. There are many corners of Altona Forest that can use your skills and time!

We know that there are amazing photographers wandering the trails and we hope that you will consider contributing your images of Altona Forest. There may be upcoming opportunities to add your photos to our website and your forest photos are always welcome on

Tech Savvy
Help put Altona Forest on the map! Use your social networks to build Altona Forest's online presence. Create an AF wiki page, tweet our events, write a TripAdvisor review, or share posts from our Facebook Community page. Everyone loves seeing forest photos, reading about sightings in the woods, hearing stories of family hikes and discoveries. Let's make Altona Forest more interactive by sharing our Altona experiences with our community and the world!


A heartfelt THANK YOU to our volunteers!
Through volunteering we hope you'll meet new people with a shared passion for conservation, get more involved in your community, learn about our natural heritage, and watch the fruits of your labour grow!